Press Release: Putget Development 2017-10-25

Press Release: Putget Development 2017-10-25

Putget Development sells its entire holding of shares in the company 2BPublished (ToBePublished AB Sweden).

Since the start of 2BPublished project, Putget Development has been a partner developing a mediatec platform focusing on content marketing for brands. Putget has been involved in management, product management, as well as technology and knowledge primarily in the field of media monitoring, mediatec solutions and so called smart technologies based on Artificiell Intelligence. 

With the sale of the shares, Putget will continue to develop proprietary smart tech solutions and on behalf of customers tailor made solutions.

Putget Development is granted extensive license rights to use and further develop the mediatec platform mentioned above for its own purposes and ownership.

"We see this business as a natural part of our activities as we primarily are a technology and software company, and above all, we work on developing applications and platforms for customers' purposes as consultants," says Magnus Enderstein CEO Putget Development.

For more information pls contact:
Magnus Enderstein CEO Putget Development

About Putget Development
Putget Development is a high technology software design company consisting of specialists and experts in application and platform development. 

What we do: 

Application development:

We provide technology, expertise and execution

Development based on smart technologies:

  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Data extraction and processing
  • Data analysis (Big data)
  • Text analysis
  • Image recognition
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX):

Well designed applications
We are experts in competitive intelligence, current awareness and business intelligence technologies and applications.

The company has operations in Stockholm, Barcelona and Tallinn.