Dploj är en medieplattform som integrerar omvärldsbevakning* med publicering* av innehåll.

Med verktyget kan analytiker, omvärldsbevakare, redaktörer och publicister kontinuerligt följa strategiska ämnen samt skapa relevant innehåll för publicering till rätt målgrupp och på rätt media.

Dploj platform utvecklas av PUTGET som är ett högteknologiskt IT-bolag.

Adaptive Intelligence and Knowledge Sharing

Putget Publishing Suite with Adaptive Intelligence and Knowledge Sharing

Thanks to our extensive experience from various intelligence services and development of systems for data monitoring and data extraction, text analysis and media technology, we possess a comprehensive platform including a toolbox and products for Adaptive Intelligence and for Knowledge Sharing.

In a fast-changing world, there is increasingly important to be able to gather, process and understand external information. These changes are both a threat and an opportunity for all kind of businesses.

Sample of omnichannel publishing with Putget Publishing Suite

Factors such as new market conditions, new actors, and competitors, sector overlaps, behavioral changes, new driving forces, technology changes, new risks factors etc. are becoming business critical.

Continuous corporate intelligence can no longer be conducted as a static activity or in a small isolated group within the organizations.

In the same way, as the outside world is changing, company information and corporate intelligence must also adapt.

Data is becoming an invaluable asset.

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data
— The Economist May 6th 2017

We provide services, a toolbox, and products that help organizations to achieve what we call Adaptive Intelligence and Knowledge Sharing.

We can provide a relevant and reasonable offer.


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